Crisis management

A crisis might be unavoidable, but the subsequent reputation damage isn’t.

Communicating with stakeholders in a timely and effective way is key in handling a crisis. Being as prepared as possible in advance of a situation occurring helps ensure that all the necessary stakeholders are receiving the right information, in the right way and at the right time.

MC2 has over 20 years’ experience in handling crisis communications and reputation management issues for a number of high-profile businesses, individuals and household brands throughout the UK. Whether you’re dealing with data breaches, large-scale redundancies, workplace fatalities or allegations of tax fraud or negligence, we can help you effectively deal with the situation.

Our services incorporate pre-emptive crisis communications strategy planning and live crisis scenario training, as well as reactive support.

Our team regularly works with major broadcast outlets and consumer watchdog programmes as well as national newspapers and trade publications to manage and influence coverage, whilst also advising clients on stakeholder communications to minimise commercial impact.