Crawford Healthcare

We worked with Crawford Healthcare to reposition and raise the profile of the company across the UK and overseas. The vision was to become internationally known as a wound-care innovator, with the end-goal of being acquired.


Crawford was an innovator in the wound-care space and had big ambitions to become known nationally and internationally for its market-leading silver technology. We were tasked with positioning Crawford as a fast-growing disruptor in the market on a global scale. 


To identify the most impactful positioning for the company, we carried out an in-depth Roadmap session with the senior management team. This explored the macroeconomic environment, the competitor landscape, our strengths, audience analysis and stakeholder mapping. We then worked to position the company as a disruptor in the market and raise the profile of the management team using a range of corporate and healthcare trade communications tactics.


  • Supported the growth of the business from £3.5m investment in 2009 to a c.£100m+ sale to US trade buyer in 2018
  • Won over 20 major national and healthcare awards, including Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2016
  • Regular national, regional and trade profiling

"When a company goes through such rapid growth, you need a nimble, flexible partner and we’ve had that from day one with MC2."

Richard Anderson

CEO at Crawford Healthcare

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