Strategy & Consultancy

It all starts with clarity of vision, objectives, strategy and tactics. We specialise in the ability to facilitate this clarity to create a framework and understanding that drives every piece of activity going forward. Our knowledge and experience of the high growth sectors adds huge value to this process.

Our senior management team and sector specialists provide consultancy to businesses to assist with go to market strategies, brand positioning and even team structure and resource decisions.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses and sectors so we don’t just answer a brief, but instead produce a strategy that makes a difference to the businesses we work for. From the outset we do all we can to understand the client, running Roadmap sessions to identify the business plan, objectives, priority target audiences, growth opportunities, narrative and positioning. From this we produce an action plan to tackle the key challenges and opportunities that the business faces.



A strategy is worthless if it’s not based on informed insight and deep knowledge of the current macro and micro environments. We offer a range of services to map out where your organisation is, how you stack up against your competitors, what the opportunities are and how you can best achieve your goals. Whether you want to better understand your audience, gain feedback from stakeholders on your standing in the market, or better understand the threats to your business, we can produce tailor-made reports full of actionable intelligence.

Our halo product – the Roadmap – helps distil your messaging and set out exactly why your organisation exists. We will help you discover the essence of your business, which will become the thread that runs through all your internal and external communications.

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