Media coverage is a powerful endorsement for a business, expertise or service.

At MC2, we know that to be credible in front of the media you need to be armed with three essential tools: content, context and contacts. Quality content that provides a new angle, a fresh idea or something that is engaging will help to tell the story to inspire the target audience.

Positioning this content so that it is relevant, topical and timely provides the context to stand out from the clutter of modern communications. To ensure that we consistently deliver on both of these fronts, we’ve built a strong network of broadcast, national, regional and trade media contacts that listen to what we have to say. We are their trusted source for reactive comment and thought leadership and we regularly liaise with them on exclusives as well as longer term proactive projects and feature documentary ideas.

"When a company goes through such rapid growth, you need a nimble, flexible partner and we’ve had that from day one with MC2."

Richard Anderson

CEO at Crawford Healthcare