23 May 2022

Stephen Church: ‘This is the moving decade for green infrastructure.’

By 2030, Greater Manchester should be known for being hyperconnected, clean and green. With the region’s goal of achieving Net-Zero by 2038, a green economy must be created by 2030 to deliver this carbon neutral promise. When we consider green infrastructure, the obvious and initial thought is transport. In its own right, this is incredibly […]

10 May 2022

Nile Henry: ‘Addressing Greater Manchester’s STEM skills gap.’

The Blair Project’s flagship ProtoEV STEM Challenge has supported more than 560 young people since its launch in 2014. The challenge gives young people from disadvantaged backgrounds knowledge and practical skills in renewable technologies through the retrofitting of petrol go-karts to e-karts. The Manchester Innovation Activities Hub (MIAH), due to open in Q3 2022, is […]