News / 07.06.2020

MedTech that’s making a difference

It’s been an incredibly humbling experience to support our client Sky Medical Technology during this pandemic. Its medical devices have been helping critically ill COVID-19 patients – making a real difference to people’s lives. Though health editors are busier than ever, we secured the high-value national media coverage that these devices deserved.

With our understanding of COVID-19 ever evolving, British device developer Sky Medical Technology (Sky) recognised the powerful role its innovative gekoTM device could have in reducing the likelihood of potentially fatal blood clots in the most critically ill COVID-19 patients.

After Sky secured a significant order of the device for use with COVID-19 patients, MC2 was tasked with showcasing the effectiveness of the gekoTM device to NHS Trust decision makers and clinicians.

At a time when the risk was only just emerging, and with clinicians being overwhelmed with new COVID-19 research every day, our strategy was to communicate the significance of Sky’s technology in a simple, effective manner through marketing collateral and media relations.

To raise awareness of some of the cardiovascular complications associated with the virus, we created an educational hub for clinicians on Sky’s US and UK websites. Digital and video collateral which communicated the device’s effectiveness in reducing blood clotting in COVID-19 patients, were then created. These became a valuable resource for the company’s sales team, while training materials ensured that clinicians were confident in using the device on patients during the pandemic.

By arranging interviews with the national health editor and global affairs correspondent, our media relations team secured a dedicated feature for the gekoTM on page 4 of The Sunday Times. This saw the company’s website traffic spike significantly and resulted in the CEO being inundated with positive feedback from potential investors.

This activity, alongside a number of in-depth articles analysing the current understanding around blood clotting and COVID-19, positioned Sky at the forefront of tackling this evolving issue.

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