News / 28.09.2018

MC2 Launch into International Aerospace with Oros

Along our global journey, we’ve been honoured to partner with clients who never stand still. That’s certainly the case for the latest disrupter to join our portfolio of high-growth businesses, OROS Aerospace. To launch the new aerospace firm onto the international stage, MC2 was enlisted to develop a complete brand identity from the ground up.

Home to one of the largest clusters of aerospace companies in the world, the North West contributes over £7billion to the UK economy through leading global innovation and technical expertise. Where it is an industry that works in creating the pinnacle of modern technology, it is also a long-established sector, which to many new companies proves difficult to disrupt. Not the case with MC2’s latest collaborator. Operating in the engine and parts market, OROS’ ambition and forward thinking sets it apart from its predecessors.

MC2 will be developing a brand from the ground up to announce OROS on the global stage, including a new brand identity that will be rolled out across collateral and a new website, while an intelligent digital marketing strategy will be the driving force to really see this company take off.

With work underway on positioning OROS as a true disruptor in this field, this is a growth story you’ll want to keep an eye on.

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