Our people are what makes us special.

We’re a talented bunch, and we’re dead easy to work with.


Jonathan Saatchi

Managing director

Liam Buckley

Director and strategist

Lucy Giles

Director and strategist

Ellie Matthews

Director and strategist

Amy Cantrill


Helen Peacock

Executive creative director

Sam Dunn

Deputy creative director

Doug Saunders

Senior video producer 

Natalie Topham

Head of content

Jo Frier

Senior creative account manager 

Jordan Wilson

Head of digital marketing 

Chris Smith

Senior web developer

Di Barker

Finance director

Sarah Harris Assoc. CIPD

Talent manager

Advisory Board

Mike Perls MBE

Co-founder and chair

Jenny Morgan

Co-founder and non-executive director

Andrei Mylroie

Non-executive director

Jimmy McLoughlin

Strategic adviser