So how does the Forth Way work in the real world? Here’s how. Take a look at what we do and see how we make a real difference to our clients’ businesses.

We made a
to UCLan


Students have never been under as much financial pressure as they are today. Spiralling tuition fees, hugely inflated living costs and reduced financial support from parents means student numbers across the UK are declining rapidly.

The higher education market is also very crowded Especially in the North West, with lots of institutions competing for a finite number of candidates.

Our challenge was to cut through the noise with a very clear message. And we had to consider not only what we were saying, but where we were saying it. Just having a compelling message wasn’t going to work if nobody was going to hear it. That’s why MediaCom was the natural partner for us on a project of this size and importance. Working closely with them and UCLan, we identified the spaces we should talk to our audience, and the conversations we should be having. All within our budget of £90,000.


At UCLan, they challenge their students to reach their full potential.

Our thinking was, why should they stop at just being good, when they could have the chance to be great at UCLan? Why study for a job, when you can study for a career? Why learn about the world when you can experience it for yourself? That is the difference between good and great. That is the difference at UCLan. And this was the inspiration for our entire campaign.


Our solution was to reach our audience through a mix of traditional and digital media, talking to them where they were already having conversations.

We worked closely with MediaCom to delve deeply into the minds of the student market, capitalising on the expertise of their insight department to identify where our efforts would be most effective.

Six sheets and bus advertising across the North West were complemented by an online presence on Zylom, Facebook,, Vevo and Miniclip, plus an audio ad on Spotify and a video on 4OD.


The driver for all of this activity was to get people to our undergraduate open day.

From all our activity, we generated 23,000 enquiries. The open day itself attracted 1,409 visitors, up 9% on UCLan’s previous best-ever turnout. Working closely with MediaCom, we made sure the work we delivered made a real difference to UCLan.

The difference between good and great.