So how does the Forth Way work in the real world? Here’s how. Take a look at what we do and see how we make a real difference to our clients’ businesses.

We gave
NCC Group
from doubt


NCC Group is a global information assurance firm. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, the company provides security testing, escrow, website performance and software testing services for more than 15,000 organisations worldwide, in numerous countries, including over 90% of the FTSE 100.

The objective of this internal and external campaign was to bring the many disparate businesses and team silos within the company together, under one umbrella. Our campaign aimed to educate the Group’s external target audience about the real dangers associated with cyber security and how best to tackle them.


The audience consisted of key decision makers in NCC Group’s target market, covering a range of sectors, from banking, insurance, software and computer services, to telecommunications and national and local governments. The people we targeted within these organisations includes CIOs and IT managers, as well company owners and the rest of the C-suite, due to the potential business impact of a security breach.

The strategy was to put ’Freedom from Doubt’ at the heart of the business, and make sure it flowed through everything the company did. This not only affected internal and external communication, but also the structure of the business itself.


MC2 worked with the directors of the company to understand the Group’s essence, values and unique ’total assurance’ offer. After ’freedom from doubt’ was identified during a ROADMAP™ session, the wheels of the campaign were set in motion. In order to provide complete freedom from doubt, it was crucial customers were made aware of NCC Group’s full service offering. So all of the Group’s many business and service brands were brought under the NCC Group umbrella. Through these service groups, customers could clearly see the complete NCC Group assurance solution.

We saw to it that the restructure of the business had a positive ripple effect through internal communications. An intranet now provided the latest news, while housing documents, brand guidelines, marketing collateral and an employee directory. The freedom from doubt message also filtered through to the office environment, with NCC Group’s Manchester HQ renovated to ensure employees felt that they were working for a global leader in the field.

We engaged in a long-term media relations campaign, making sure the Group was outspoken on key issues affecting the information assurance landscape. Following any key event — such as high-profile security breaches and cyber legislation — NCC Group’s CEO Rob Cotton became the go-to commentator in both the national and trade press. Highly sought-after profile slots such as Radio 4’s ’Friday Boss’ helped raise Rob’s profile. Meanwhile, we organised regional teach ins for journalists, to shout about this global success story on a local level.

We also created the ’Origin of Hacks’ report, a quarterly review of the location of worldwide hacking — again reinforcing NCC Group’s global reach. The results were impressive — consistently high coverage in publications across the globe, getting the Group’s message across to numerous potential customers.


Since the restructure, NCC Group has won several new clients off the back of the new full service approach. The Group has continued it’s impressive growth, while analyst feedback has also been positive — with NCC’s market cap markedly increasing.

Industry awards also showcase the campaign’s success. The Group has been shortlisted for Best Global Security Company at the SC Magazine Awards. It was also a finalist in the 2012 Manchester Evening News Business of the Year awards — showing they’re considered to be one of the most successful businesses in the region.

“The MC2 team got to the heart of the challenges our rapidly growing business was facing and not only identified a solution but also a far-wider programme of activity to maximise our unique position in the market and move the NCC Group brand on to the next stage of its journey.”

“They have worked with the teams in the business to ensure that ’Freedom from Doubt’ runs through everything we do and the positive impact on the business has been felt at every level, transforming the way the business is structured and the mindset in which it operates.”

Rob Cotton, CEO at NCC Group.